♥ Titles & ratings of S7



集數(播映期) 調整前/後收視/Live+7
701:Meet The New Boss(9/23) 1.95(0.8)/2.01(0.8)/(0.8->1.3)
702:Hello, Cruel World(9/30) 1.77(0.7)/1.80(0.7)/(0.7->1.1)
703:The Girl Next Door(10/7) 1.64(0.7)/1.72(0.7)/(0.7->1.1)
704:Defending Your Life(10/14) 1.61(0.7)/1.69(0.8)/(0.8->1.1)
705:Shut Up, Dr. Phil(10/21) 1.82(0.7)/1.92(0.8)/(0.8->1.2)
706:Slash Fiction(10/28) 1.70(0.7)/1.74(0.7)/(0.7->1.2)
707:The Mentalists(11/4) 1.72(0.7)/1.84(0.8)/(0.8->1.1)
708:Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!(11/11) 1.79(0.8)/1.85(0.8)/(0.8->1.2)
709:How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters(11/18) 1.52(0.7)/1.55(0.7)/(0.7->1.1)
710:Death’s Door(12/2) 1.86(0.7)/1.89(0.7)/(0.7->1.1)
711:Adventures In Babysitting(1/6) 1.767(0.8)/1.82(0.8)/(0.8->1.2)
712:Time after Time(1/13) 1.55(0.6)/1.55(0.7)/(0.7->1.1)
713:The Slice Girls(2/3) 1.628(0.7)/1.72(0.8)/(0.8->1.2)
714:Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magic Menagerie(2/10) 1.86(0.7)/1.88(0.8)/(0.8->1.2)
715:Repo Man(2/17) 1.683(0.7)/1.74(0.8)/(0.8->1.2)
716:Out With The Old(3/16) 1.689(0.7)/1.73(0.7)/(0.7->1.1)
717:The Born-Again Identity(3/23) 1.57(0.6)/1.63(0.6)/(0.6->1.0)
718:Party On, Garth(3/30) 1.718(0.7)/1.78(0.7)/(0.7->1.1)
719:Of Grave Importance(4/20) 1.484(0.6)/1.57(0.7)/(0.7->1.1)
720:The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo(4/27) 1.529(0.6)/1.61(0.7)/(0.7->1.1)
721:Reading Is Fundamental(5/4) 1.58(0.7)/1.66(0.7)/(0.7->1.0)
722:There Will Be Blood(5/11) 1.68(0.7)/1.58(0.7)
723:Survival Of The Fittest(5/18) 1.57(0.6)/1.56(0.7)

2 comments on “♥ Titles & ratings of S7

  1. 快了,还有一个月零一天就回归了,虽然说不是很期待了,不过想到又可以看到DEAN还是很兴奋的


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