2011.10.04 SPN press day

10/5:溫哥華時間10/4周二下午,共有十一位文字媒體記者到了劇組外景地為Jensen和Jared做訪問……Jim Michaels隨後也發了tweet。 :-) 看來他們第二天還會去朝聖Impala…… 😉(新增examiner.com新報導&影片載點)





1.IGN TV:兩人有提到打電動的故事。非常感謝EP大人提供的翻譯,分為兩部分(),能看到中譯版真的好幸福啊啊啊啊啊!!!!!

EricIGN Just talked to Jensen Ackles & @jarpad. My Nintendo shirt inspired Jared saying Contra code and guys talking about playing Contra together"(當地10/4周二下午3:09所發)

EricIGN From #Supernatural set today, Jensen Ackles and @jarpad (can’t remember what Jensen was laughing about at that moment!) http://yfrog.com/ntzxrnj(噢~~~我最愛的笑容之一……♥)

EricIGN They were! The Contra conversation was super fun!(被問到兩人心情好不好)




danielletbd Thanks 🙂 It was short but sweet! I actually have some more I haven’t posted yet…(網友恭喜她達成最近想要訪問Jensen他們的心願)

danielletbd Unfortunately not. There were 11 of us press members and the guys only had about 20 minutes to chat before rushing off to film"(被問到有無和兩人拍照)



3.TV OVER MIND:報導網頁中另有三張圖片。

clarissa373 Jensen and Jared on the set of #Supernatural. As @lauinla said “Jensen was looking very Dean-like. Very brooding & http://twitpic.com/6v8ijk



4.Inside TV報導內另有照片&八分長的影片。

EWSandraG Just got done at “Supernatural Circus” here in Vancouver. Pics soon!!(當天下午3:17所發)

EWSandraG Here’s a nice one from today’s on-set(ish) chat with @jarpad and Jensen! #Vancouver #Supernatural #Woohttp://twitpic.com/6vb2h6


EWSandraG Close up! #followupTweet http://twitpic.com/6vb3l6



5.TV LINEEP大人的翻譯請見

VladaGelman Just got done talking with @jarpad and Jensen. #SPN(3:16所發)



6.Give Me My Remote TV:目前只出了影片,未有文字報導。






8.Aol TV

LauinLA #Supernatural time! Favorite faves."(下午2:08所發)

LauinLA 10 minutes in heaven with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki… (Okay, it was the makeup tent, but close enough)(3:15所發)

LauinLA I would tooootally let you. I couldn’t stop staring at the freckles.(不知道對方在問什麼,但我想她回答中提到的應該是Jensen ;-))

LauinLA they were right off to work straight after, very impressed at their work ethic!"(回覆Guy讓他們提醒兩人別光顧著和美眉聊天,要趕快去工作!XD)

LauinLA good! no no, just introspective as always.(因為之前她形容上面的某張照片裡,Jensen的感覺很像Dean那樣"broody",所以有網友詢問Jensen的心情是否不好……我說,某些粉絲真的很敏感耶! :-P)



9.wetpaint entertainment

CaritaRizzo So late in the day, but never too late for a photo of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki of #Supernatural, is it? Nope. http://pic.twitter.com/4Cn7EtfM



10.FUTON CRITIC:網頁中有訪問影片



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