2012.04.16 723 set pix










據照片上資訊,日期是溫哥華時間4/16周一早上八點半至九點左右。文字內容我不太有興趣~Jensen的部分也只是說和Misha在聊天而已,所以僅節錄該段,想知道詳情的朋友請直接到原網頁閱讀。 🙂 照片載點在這裡


A few days later, I found the set in South Burnaby in a business park, behind a lot of fences. 

Unfortunately, I never really saw any of the filming as the set was down in a little nook covered by walls & crew. I did however catch Jensen Ackles & Misha Collins hanging out & chatting with each other for 20-30 mins. At times, there was long lulls as 1 or both were engrossed in their phones, at other times, they seemed to be having quite animated conversations that I cant be sure of the nature… but I have taken my best shot at translating in some of the photos below.

I did see Jared Padalecki there, but only breifly, and never got much of a chance to get any pics of him facing me.



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